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James S. Mitchell & Sons is a full-service construction company,  with a team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals dedicated to providing top-quality construction.  Striving to provide a commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction every step of the way.

As a full-service construction company we take you through the entire process, starting with, Pre Construction, which entails a comprehensive review of your project, more specifically assist you with: 

  • Drawing Reviews

  • Scheduling 

  • Budgeting, Cost Analysis & Value Engineering 

  • Permits & Inspections 

Once your project is underway, JSM takes the necessary steps and precautions to ensure your project runs smoothly and successfully. Appointing a Project Manager and Superintendent to attend to your needs and provide you with the following: 

  • Weekly Progress Meetings

  • Site Planning with Architect & Engineer 

  • Scheduling of DOB & DOH Inspections 

  • Safety and Temporary Protection


Taking the the time to guide you and assist you throughout the whole project's time frame and ensure your project is performed to perfection. JSM provides these services and has a strong focus and expertise on the following areas of work: 

  • Healthcare 

  • Education 

  • Religious Restoration  

Nyu  JSMSONS Constuction New York City


1. NYU Langone Lobby.jpg
4. NYU Lobby Last.jpg
5. GW Exam Room.jpg
13. Typical Patient Room.jpg
9. Exam Room 3.jpg
12. Meeting Room 3.jpg

Photos of NYU Langone Medical Center Miller Practice: 355 W. 52nd Street

Construction associated with Healthcare is a delicate and intricate process. With over a century of construction experience, JSM has the expertise and comprehension to complete such projects.

These projects include: exam rooms (CT, MRI), dental clinics, primary care clinics, nurseries, and full medical office renovations. Through such projects, JSM has developed long lasting relationships with.

  •  NYU Langone Medical Center

  •  Montefiore Medical Center

  •  Maimonides Medical Center

  •  Long Island Community Hospital

  •  Northwell Health




8. EF Dorm Room.jpg
3. Community Area.jpg
6d. EF Presentation Room.jpg
6a. Study Area 1.jpg
6i. EF.jpg
6b. Study Area 2.jpg
9. St. Johns Bathroom.jpg

Photos of EF Academy of Westchester Gaines Dorm Hal & Community Centers

Proud to serve educational institutions to create first class learning facilities. JSM is well versed in the unique challenges that

educational construction provides such as strict deadlines and working in occupied spaces. We understand these challenges and will ensure that your schedule demands are met and invasive work is minimized.

Focusing on dormitories, cafeterias, student centers, science labs and lecture halls for clients such as

  •  Pace University

  •  EF Academy of Westchester

  •  United States Military Academy West Point

  •  The Salvation Army School for Officers Training

4. Cathedral Dome.jpg
7. Dome Men.jpg
8a. Dome Progress.jpg
11. Dome Construction.jpg
5. Dome in Progress.jpg
15. Dome Construction'.jpg
3. Dome Aerial.webp

Religious Restoration

Photos of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine-Dome Roof Replacement - 2023 North American Copper in American Architecture Award

We take pride in our expertise and dedication to Religious Restoration projects. With a deep respect for the historical and cultural significance of these sacred spaces, we are committed to preserving and revitalizing them with the utmost care and precision.

Our team of skilled craftsmen and restoration specialists bring a wealth of experience to every project, ensuring that each religious site we work on is not only structurally sound but also retains its original charm and spiritual essence. For over a generation JSM has preserved religious landmarks including:

  •  The Cathedral of St. John the Divine

  •  St. Patricks Cathedral

  •  St. Lukes Church

  •  Christ Church of Rye

  •  Han Ma Um Soen Center - Buddhist Temple of Queens

  •  The Salvation Army


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