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James S., Mark, & James P. Mitchell Construction

About Us

James S. Mitchell & Sons has been serving the owners and architects in the greater New York and surrounding East Coast areas for over a century, established and founded by James E. Mitchell in 1888.

JSM values our commitment to the customer. Our own high standards of execution has became the fundamental standard for every project and has attributed to our success. For each project, we carry these important qualities to ensure it's timely success.

  • Experience

  • Reputation & Integrity

  • Flexible Pricing


To this day, four generations of Mitchells carry the same principles as the founders of James S. Mitchell & Sons. The same level of integrity and professionalism will be carried to each project. 

In Picture: James P Mitchell, Mark S Mitchell, and James S Mitchell

Past Owners of JSM     

James Edward Mitchell - Founder and 1st President

James Edward Mitchell was regarded as one of the city's "master builders". His success was based on the business philosophy of Mitchell’s customer focused commitment to both quality and value. Setting the precedent for future presidents and future success to this day. 

James Stanley Mitchell - 2nd President

James Stanley Mitchell joined the firm, JSM after serving as a flying officer with the rank of Captain in the U.S. Army Air Force during World War II from 1942 to 1946.  He attended Wesleyan University in Connecticut and New York University’s School of Engineering.

James S. served as a valued Consultant with the Salvation Army - Easter Territorial Corps - Property Department Division. In a similar capacity, James S. also provided consultation for the Construction and Facilities Management Department for NBC and Beth Israel Medical Center.

James S. Mitchell along side his two sons James P. Mitchell and Mark S. Mitchell have continued to carry James Edward's legacy, providing quality and value to the construction industry for the greater New York Area. 

James Edward Mitchell

James Edward Mitchell

Founder & CEO

James S Mitchell

James S. Mitchell

2nd President

Projects Completed by Previous Owners


North American Copper in Architecture Awards


New York Times

Press RElease NYT
Press RElease New York Times


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